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Find here how I can provide part-time consulting services, be your next speaker at that event or podcast, and last, but not least, how, we at ForceManager, are empowering sales professionals to be the best of themselves

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From time to time every professional needs an outside point of view that helps boost current dynamics in a company. That's when I come in either for a one-time need or a recurring assistance.


There's all sorts of projects that I did over the past years. Based on these I enjoy repeating them over other companies to help marketing and sales professionals get a jump-start in their initiatives. Contact to learn more


From these years working with cross-functional teams and leading marketing and sales departments I put together several playbooks that can be a starting point to implement some of new. Contact to ask for Playbooks

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Wether you need a one time advice, or a project that I can help with this is something that complements


Got you covered, wether a podcast, or at an auditorium I'll be your speaker if you may wish

Jordi Capdevila speaking at Growth BCN Meet up
Jordi Capdevila Speaking at UdL (Universitat de Lleida)


I am the VP of Marketing at ForceManager, a stunning CRM that will boost your sales and get your troops aligned

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